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*Self-refer, pre-sentencing, parole, and probation or court-ordered welcome (ASAM Level 1)

* Substance Abuse Evaluations (no pre-sentencing DUI Evaluations)

*Combination of SUD and Anger Management Groups 


*Individual outpatient substance and alcohol counseling sessions 

* Level II (13 weeks)

*Level IIX (26 weeks)

*Level III (52 weeks)

* Specialty courts- SB277 (3-5 years), 184-Prison Re-entry (6-12 months), and 305.

* Attorney, Court, Parole & Probation, weekly/monthly reports

By appointment only

Call to schedule an appointment today or email us at

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"The only things that matter in life is love & the number of peoples lives that you touch".

~Stephen Charter~

Forever missed, never forgotten. 

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Charter Recovery's Mailing Address
PO Box 41053
Reno, Nevada 89504
T: (775) 337.6566  F: 775.996.5213

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